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This is Cardstade

Discover everything about trading cards in one place. We make exchanging and buying easier and more exciting than ever before. Have your cards professionally valued before selling or buying to increase their value. Find everything from rare treasures to modern maps in our vibrant marketplace. Also enjoy Live Box Breaks to experience the opening of trading card decks in real time.

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Rahman Bayram - Founder & Owner

As the founder, I come from a sports-loving wrestling family that is interested in a variety of sports.
This of course makes collecting and trading sports cards even more interesting for us.

The passion for sports and trading cards has taught us that collecting is much more than just accumulating cards - it is a journey,
which takes us into the world of sports and trading card culture.

Long term goals

Global expansion

Expanding our reach across continents, striving for international recognition as a leading EU company.

Passion impulse

Intensifying the global enthusiasm for trading cards to spread and strengthen the passion worldwide.


Commitment to top quality and in-house development of innovative grading tools in order to be among the best internationally.

Our roots

Our history is shaped by our deep passion and dedication to the world of trading cards. As children of the 90s, we experienced the excitement of the Pokémon boom and the fascination of trading and collecting in the schoolyard.

Over time, this former game developed into a hobby, and finally into a business that reflects our daily passion.

From dream to reality

Our hobby has developed into our profession, and we are happy to share this enthusiasm with you. As the founder of a sports-loving family, collecting and trading sports cards is particularly exciting for us. Collecting is more than just accumulating cards; it is a journey into the world of sports and card culture. We are looking forward to the future with excitement: in mid-2024 we will be launching an innovative app that will make the collecting experience even more user-friendly and come with an impressive new feature that will be fascinating for both experienced collectors and newcomers. Follow us to the stadium of cards at Cardstade - your ticket to the world of trading cards.