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The grading process

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In 7 steps to get a top rating for your trading cards

Immerse yourself in the world of grading: your trading cards deserve only the best! With our seven-step evaluation process, we guarantee you an accurate and fair evaluation of your treasures. From the initial inspection to the seal of excellence, we handle each card with the utmost care and precision. Let our experts examine your cards and see their value and authenticity certified. Not only increase their market value, but also the reputation of your collection. Come on a journey that will make your cards shine in a new light and preserve them for eternity. Follow me step by step through our professional grading process that creates transparency and trust in the collecting world.

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Step 1


Upon receipt of a submission, our team opens it under surveillance by security cameras and immediately compares it with the attached documents. A visual inspection of the contents is then carried out, during which the items that match your order are checked. Your items will remain in their original packaging until our grading process begins.

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step 2


Each card undergoes a thorough review to ensure that its description matches the submitter's information. A unique ID and QR code will be issued to verify the card in real time on our website after assessment. The documents and cards are then separated to ensure that the evaluator can carry out the evaluation in an unbiased manner.

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step 3


Cards will be held at Cardstade security until they are verified for authenticity. A special testing device is used. If a card is undoubtedly authentic, it will be graded according to the Cardstade grading scale. Please note: If the authenticity of a card is questioned, its rating will be rejected.

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Step 4


Trading card judging is a collaborative process in which a group of professionals at Cardstade utilizes state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest levels of precision and consistency. This step involves a meticulous examination of every detail of the card, including the condition of the corners and edges.

Even tiny features can have a significant impact on the final rating. Following this careful inspection, the card receives its rating according to our proprietary scale.

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Step 6

Grading case

To protect and secure the card, it is placed in a special protective sleeve together with the Cardstade label and securely sealed using ultrasonic welding. The acrylic grading case not only offers first-class protection, but is also UV-resistant. This prevents damage to the card caused by sunlight and ensures long-lasting color fastness.

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Step 5


The evaluation of a card is completed with the creation of labels. These labels contain information about the card, such as description, rating, code number, barcode and QR code. At the same time, your card information is integrated into our database to ensure that you can easily access all relevant information at any time.

Each card is provided with a unique identifier, which makes it possible to retrieve the stored data quickly and easily. This ensures the transparency and traceability of the assessment results at all times.

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Step 7

Quality and shipping

A quality control specialist at Cardstade carries out a comprehensive inspection of the card, label and container. This involves monitoring the accuracy of all certificate details and carefully inspecting the container for any possible defects or contamination.

After this inspection, the individually encapsulated cards are carefully counted to ensure that their number matches the number originally submitted. Our special care in packaging ensures optimal protection during transport. The cards are now ready to be returned to the submitter.

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10-level rating scale

During the grading process, we meticulously adhere to our 10-level rating scale. We ensure that your cards are valued transparently and fairly. Find out more about our rating scale now.

About the rating scale


Before & after at a glance

Imagine your trading card being transformed into a masterpiece: What was previously just a game object becomes, after our grading service, a certified rarity that will make collectors' hearts beat faster and increase the value of your card. At Cardstade, every card goes through a careful process where it is not only graded but also preserved.

The end result is clear, undeniable proof of their authenticity and quality, presented in a high quality, UV protected display box that provides both protection and stylish presentation. This transformation is not only an upgrade for your collection, but also a seal of trust in the world of trading cards. After our grading process, your cards will shine in new splendor - ready to establish themselves as the jewel of your carefully curated collection.

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At Cardstade we understand that every trading card tells a story and has its own value. While traditional providers view grading as a mass production process, we view each card as an individual work of art that deserves specialized treatment. Our passion and commitment to detail sets us apart from the competition.

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